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Lightning Related References

Ernest Duckworth's
Lightning Protection Guide

for protecting equipment and personnel

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Lightning Physics and Lightning Protection
by E. M. Bazelyan, et al (Hardcover)

From $150
Usually ships in 2-3 days

Lightning Protection for Power Systems

by M. Darveniza (Hardcover)
Special Order  $90


The Aerospace Engineer's Handbook of Lightning Protection

by Bruce Gabrielson
(Hardcover - June 1992)
Special Order $29


Lightning and
Lightning Protection

by William C. Hart, et al (Hardcover - June 1979)
Special Order $59

Installation Requirements for Lightning Protection Systems

(Paperback - May 1994)
Special Order $120

Standard for Lightning Protection
Components: Ul 96

(Paperback - May 1994)
Special Order $120

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New!  Lightning Protection Checklist
for Risk Management

New !  Lightning Protection Guide
for protecting equipment and personnel

New ! 
Lightning Storm Dot Com
view the current lightning map of the United States

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New !  Lightning Related Articles

New !  Lightning Related Reference Books

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  Wire-Line Communications Isolation or
Fiber Optic Facility Extensions

Solving High Voltage Problems
In Wireless/Utility Collocations

Eliminating Lightning Damage at PCS Cell Sites

Isolation of Wire-line Communications in an
Unregulated Power Market

PCS Locations in High-Voltage Corridors

Be alert to the Danger of GPR

On the Road With Ernie

Great Balls of Fire!

Destructive Surges

Wireline Isolation Theory and Application

When to Protect Cell Sites from GPR

Links to US Energy Utilities

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