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Lightning and GPR Related Links

Be careful, there is some conflicting information at the following sites because what may be proper for one location may not be proper for a different site or for different conditions--protection for a barn will be different from protection for an explosives manufacturing or storage facility.  The best advice we can offer is to acquire the services of a registered professional engineer with extensive experience in the required field of expertise.

Pepro  the leading manufacturer of patented shielded enclosure systems for your mission critical and remote communication needs.

Lightning Injury Research Program An informational and educational tool for survivors of lightning strike and the physicians who treat them as well as a safety resource for those responsible for organizing outdoor activities

Conductive Concrete Distributor of Conductive Concrete to create high-quality ground in normally difficult conditions 

Bond Washer  Manufacturer of NO-ISSUE dual hole double connection Bond Washers for sure grounding of bar connections

Ingenuity Industries Inc. Bringing clever ideas to the electric industry market

PolyPhaser Corporation   Has the best antenna grounding methodology in the USA.   Manufactures grounding equipment, coaxial cable protection equipment, telephone line protection equipment (shunting devices), and bulkhead panels.

North Carolina Association of County Commissioners   Founded in 1908, the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners is one of the most successful and active statewide local government associations in the nation.  Unlike many in this nation, they understand the dangers posed by lightning.

Harger Lightning Protection and Grounding Manufacturers since 1960

University of Florida Lightning Research Group  Useful lightning research information.    

Informational Articles
about lightning safety

Lightning Related Reference Books


Manufacturers of solid-state shunting devices for the power and communications industry:

Northern Technologies, Inc.

Transtector Systems, Inc.



Information Resource Links

ATIS   Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions

T&D (Transmission and Distribution) Magazine

Electric Power Research Institute EPRI Homepage

Electric Net On-Line Directory

Real Time Data Acquisition Technology

DigitaLogic - A technology leader in the integration and implementation of microprocessor- based systems, with unique experience in the field of automation and control. Believe in developing economical solutions combining off-the-shelf components rather than developing expensive one-of-a-kind solutions. Provide a wide variety of services including Systems Engineering, Software Development, Systems Integration, Installation & Commissioning, and Consulting.

Check out Jack Duckworth's new book
Power to the People - Electric Power Deregulation - An Exposé

New!  Lightning Protection Checklist
for Risk Management

New !  Lightning Protection Guide
for protecting equipment and personnel

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Lightning and GPR Related Links

New !  Lightning Related Articles

New !  Lightning Related Reference Books

New !
  Wire-Line Communications Isolation or
Fiber Optic Facility Extensions

Solving High Voltage Problems
In Wireless/Utility Collocations

Eliminating Lightning Damage at PCS Cell Sites

Isolation of Wire-line Communications in an
Unregulated Power Market

PCS Locations in High-Voltage Corridors

Be alert to the Danger of GPR

On the Road With Ernie

Great Balls of Fire!

Destructive Surges

Wireline Isolation Theory and Application

When to Protect Cell Sites from GPR

Links to US Energy Utilities

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