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Our expertise
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Hydropower Consulting

Our staff has 30 plus years of experience in the FERC and FPC performing hydropower operation and economic studies and developing the engineering input for FERC staff environmental assessments and environmental impact statements.  

Our staff evaluates the economic costs of environmental enhancements including complex peaking project operation studies to determine the cost of reservoir water surface fluctuation limitations proposed by agencies, NGO and in water quality certifications.  We perform the full spectrum of economic net benefit, rate of return and fair market value studies for all types and sizes of projects, whether they are not constructed, constructed and not licensed, or due to be federally relicensed. 

Computer Program Development

Expert Systems Programs was incorporated in 1997 to develop and market the computer program GPR-Expert.

The computer program is an expert systems tutorial and computation model to train and aid power and communications engineers in the design of protection for communications in  high-voltage environments.

The program is provided in two versions: one for North America, based on the North American protection standards and the other for the United Kingdom and Europe based on the prevalent standards there.


Book Publishing

Judgment Ring Books is a publishing division of Expert Systems, dedicated to providing books to entertain and enlighten.

The Judgment Ring Books is a series based on the premise that humankind has its destiny in its own hands and that destiny will be determined collectively by the actions of each individual. 

Book one in the series is titled "The Chinook River Princess" which takes place in the late 1800's.  The series jumps several hundred years to the present with book six, "No Tears for an Empty Grave" which is set on Capitol Hill amongst the national leaders in electric power lawmaking and the lobbyists.

While that series is fiction, In March  2002, Judgment Ring Books released "A voice in the Wilderness - a pastor's journal of Ground Zero" by Camille Yorkey, which is a real-life example of how the love, commitment, and work of individuals affects and furthers all humankind.

September 2001, Judgment Ring Books released "Power to the People," an expose on the major shortcoming of electric power deregulation, including the novella "Blackstart 2005" This book predicted the August 14, 2003 northeast blackout almost two years before it happened.